The Design Process

Geoffry uses many different techniques throughout the design process.  Beginning with a simple pencil sketch, the process leads to a more precise hand-drawn rendering which often leads to an incredibly detailed computer rendering or computer-aided design (CAD).  Small adjustments to the design are made along the way as Geoffry works with his customers to customize each individual piece.  Options of different gemstones and various sketches are often used in narrowing down and finalizing your end masterpiece.  Geoffry will walk you through this process and combine his practical experience, knowledge of the gemstones, and design aesthetics to make sure your experience of co-creating a piece of jewellery is enjoyable, memorable, and leaves you with a final product you are proud of and thrilled to wear.

Computer aided design (CAD)
Wax Model
14 karat white gold ring with Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot and Green Tourmaline